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Pirc Defense for White

Pirc Defense for White

Join GM Roman Dzindzichashvili as he demonstrates his favorite line to get an advantage against the Pirc Defense. Roman's favored this line for years, but has rebooted it with updated analysis to beat the latest tries for Black. This series is a must for anyone who plays either side of the Pirc and also good for any chess player interested in high level positional ideas.
  • Pirc Defense:  Roman's System for White!

    A long time ago, in a video lecture far, far away GM Roman Dzindzichashvili recommended a system against the Pirc for white... Today he recommends the same system! With updated analysis, and computer preparation by his side, Roman explains why he believe...

    • 21 min
    • 5 challenges
  • Pirc Defense: Take Away Counterplay!

    Players who enjoyed Roman's take on the 5.h3 Variation of the Pirc Defense have more to sink their teeth into, while players looking for black's side to the story will have to wait with patience. Dzindzi breaks down why he is no longer worried about a...

    • 29 min
    • 5 challenges
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