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Play in the Center

Play in the Center

Dominate the center and dominate your games!

Have you ever wondered why the center of the board is so important? Then this course is for you! Join GM Dejan Bojkov as he discusses the strategies of playing with and against strong center pawns. He demonstrates the games of strong Grandmasters like Vladimir Kramnik, Giorgi Margvelashvili, and Pouya Idani as they take over the center and attack. Follow along and learn from the best. Start playing with and against strong centers today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to open the center to attack an uncastled king!
  • Learn how to gain space in the center and force the opponent into a passive position!
  • Learn about the pros and cons of a passed and isolated center pawn!

"This is a really nice combination of tactical and positional puzzles in the video. The game is brilliant and instructive on its own, but GM Bojkov really makes the best possible use of it." - member AlexjSchindler

"What an excellent and instructive video!" - member danno1800

"Thanks!!! I learned a heck of a lot. Hope I can retain it to use in a game." - member DougMosteller

  • Danger in the Center

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  • Attacking Through The Center

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  • How To Handle Central Passed Pawns

    All passed pawns are not created equally. Dejan Bojkov shows you the power of centralized passed pawns, and how to handle them as opposed to outside passed pawns. This idea is not just important in the endgame, but also may dictate entire middlegames...

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  • The Power Of Central Passed Pawns

    GM Dejan Bojkov can't emphasize enough the power of central passed pawns, so here's another lesson on this crucial concept. Learn from two of the best players ever, Kramnik and Shirov, in a game when both were aggressive young chess superstars. Kramnik...

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