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Learn From The Best: AlphaZero

Learn From The Best: AlphaZero

In December 2017, AlphaZero took the world by storm! The organization Deep Mind announced that their new self-taught engine had won a match against Stockfish, previously the strongest engine in history. Join IM Danny Rensch in a review of AlphaZero's most amazing games from that historic match.
  • AlphaZero - Dark Square Domination

    In game three of its match with Stockfish, AlphaZero sacrificed a pawn for long term compensation. For many moves Black kept a material advantage, but AlphaZero slowly dominated the board and eventually caught Black's queen in the corner, with no safe...

    • 18 min
    • 2 challenges
  • AlphaZero - The Back Rank Pin

    How did AlphaZero embarrass Stockfish's queen for the second time in the match? Check out AlphaZero's powerful sacrifices to force Black's queen into the corner and establish a deadly back rank pin.

    • 20 min
    • 1 challenge
  • AlphaZero - The Long Grind

    Stockfish is a brilliant defender, but that didn't stop AlphaZero from sacrificing a pawn, without any real attacking chances. AlphaZero didn't mind staying down material for a long time as it slowly built up pressure until finally overwhelming Black's...

    • 13 min
    • 1 challenge
  • AlphaZero - What Extra Bishop?

    In the French Defense Black often accepts a restricted bishop, but usually has enough counterplay to fight back. In this astounding game, AlphaZero restricts Black's bishop so much that it could play down a whole piece for many moves and still win the...

    • 14 min
    • 1 challenge
  • AlphaZero - Dancing Queen

    AlphaZero has changed the game of chess by demonstrating that rook-pawn advances are frequently very powerful. In this game AlphaZero started an attack with the h-pawn, sacrificed a knight and then moved its active queen all the way back to the corner....

    • 19 min
    • 1 challenge
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