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Play Like Ding Liren

Play Like Ding Liren

Can you play like the amazing Ding Liren?

Ding Liren is the only player to ever reach World Cup finals in consecutive events. Right now he's a popular pick to be a challenger to World Champion Carlsen in 2020. That's the same Carlsen whom Ding defeated in a playoff to win the 2019 Sinquefield Cup. See if you can find the moves in some of Ding's greatest games. Start winning like Ding today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Find the moves in Bai-Ding, one of the most amazing games of the 21st century!
  • Find the key ideas in several brilliant attacking masterpieces!
  • Find the moves that make Ding one of the best players in the world!
  • Play Like Ding Liren: Bai - Ding

    Probably the most spectacular game of Ding's career was his victory against. Bai Jinshi in 2017. With the Black pieces Ding sacrificed a pawn and then his queen for an irresistible attack. See if you can find the moves in one of the greatest games of...

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  • Play Like Ding Liren: Ding vs Radjabov

    Teimor Radjabov won the 2019 Chess World Cup, defeating Ding in the finals. However, Ding took a lead in the match by winning game two, a game which won the brilliancy prize for the tournament. See if you can figure out how Ding pulled off one of the...

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  • Play Like Ding Liren: Ding vs Areshchenko

    A young Ding Liren played one of his most spectacular games in the World Team Championship in 2011 against the strong Grandmaster Alexander Areshchenko. Areshchenko has been a 2700+ rated player but he was no match for Ding's aggressive play.

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  • Play Like Ding Liren: Ding vs Lu

    Some of Ding's early successes were in the Chinese Championship, which he won in 2009, 2011 and 2012. One of his best games in any of these tournaments was a 2012 game against Lu Shanglei. Ding prepared a strong gambit and then followed up with a brilliant...

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  • Play Like Ding Liren: Ding vs Vidit

    Santosh Gujrathi Vidit is an Indian Super-Grandmaster. He's a creative player, who rarely loses games. Yet in this game from 2018, Ding took Vidit apart in a brutal and quick attack. See if you can figure out how he did it.

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