Mastery: Openings

Play the Budapest Gambit!

Play the Budapest Gambit!

Shock your opponent with a sacrifice on move two!

Tired of having to defend against 1.d4? Simon Williams, the Ginger GM, will give you a sharp counter-attacking weapon with the Budapest Gambit! Learn how to sacrifice a pawn on move two and score quick wins. The Budapest has tripped up even top Grandmasters and will work in your games too!

  • Learn the key ideas to get an attack right from the opening!
  • Learn how to handle all of White’s common responses!
  • Learn the most aggressive lines favored by attacking Grandmasters like Jobava and Rapport!

"I really like openings that most opponents probably aren't prepared for. Especially one's like this where just a single inaccurate move right out of the gate can mean BIG trouble for them! I've been waiting for a series that focused specifically on The Budapest! So thank you for the video series on this defense!" - user JohnnySpin

"Excellent incisive video in which the key moves are shown and the underlying concepts presented. Nice summary at the conclusion." - user vly

  • Play the Budapest Gambit - Part 1

    Are you ready for the Budapest revival? First GM Rapport uses it to defeat the world-class GM Gelfand, and now "Mr. Spicy Chess" GM Simon Williams says he's going to adopt it! Let's learn how to rapidly develop in this gambit with one goal in mind: checkmate!

    • 14 min
    • 5 challenges
  • Play the Budapest Gambit- Part 2

    Any time a top grandmaster plays ...g5 on move four, that's a game worth watching (it moves to g4 soon after!). Thank you GM Jobava! Our author GM Simon Williams brings his British brogue back to show off his man-crush on Baadur's Budapest. Too bad it's...

    • 16 min
    • 5 challenges
  • Play the Budapest Gambit - Part 3

    GM Williams shows the first game he ever played against the Budapest Gambit, some 10 years ago. He played the somewhat offbeat e4 and got advanced pawns and better development in return for his fractured structure. Despite demolishing Black, the Ginger...

    • 16 min
    • 5 challenges
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