PogChamps Tactics

PogChamps Tactics

Can you outplay the Pogchamps?

Pogchamps 1 and 2 have been huge tournaments with some of the top streamers in the world. See if you can find the tactics that decided many of their games!

  • Practice forks.
  • Work on pins.
  • Attack your opponent.
  • Learn to defend dangerous positions.

Fork Like A PogChamp

Maybe the most common tactical trick throughout PogChamps was the fork. Players routinely won games by attacking multiple pieces at once. See if you can find how they did it.
5 min
5 Challenges

Pin Like A PogChamp

Pins were a common tactic in PogChamps and occur frequently in games of all levels. See if you can keep up with the pinning and winning tactics from PogChamps.
7 min
5 Challenges

Attack Like A PogChamp

Forks and pins were not the only tactics in PogChamps. See if you can keep up with the best attacking play in both PogChamps events.
15 min
5 Challenges

Defend Like A PogChamp

Chess isn't all about attacking. One of the secret's to Hafu's win in the second PogChamps was her ability to defend difficult positions. See if you can keep up with the Pogchamps creative defensive play.
5 min
5 Challenges

PogChamps Tactics

4 Lessons
32 Minutes
20 Challenges
Released January 26, 2021
14,773 Students