Richard Reti's Studies

Richard Reti's Studies

Get ready for some mind blowing chess studies!

Do you want to try some beautiful chess studies? Richard Reti was not only one of the best chess players of the early 1900s, but also one of the first great composers of chess studies.

  • Learn important endgame motifs.
  • Practice calculating.
  • Check out some of the most interesting chess problems ever written.

The Reti Position

Richard Reti's most famous study is also his most basic. In a position that appears hopeless for White there is a way to survive.
2 Challenges

Pieces Beat Pawns

Black's pawns look like they're about to promote, but White has some tricks prepared. Can you find a way to win the game?
2 Challenges

Three Pawns On The Seventh

Black has three pawns about to promote and an active king. How can you keep them in line?
1 Challenge

Surviving The Pawn Storm

Despite two extra pieces, it appears that Black's pawns will win the game. Try to find a way to hold the draw.
1 Challenge

A Complicated Finish

White has a material edge, but your king appears caught in a mating net. How can you survive and even win the game?
1 Challenge

Richard Reti's Studies

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Released October 13, 2020
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