Mastery: Openings

Ruy Lopez Lessons

Ruy Lopez Lessons

Join GM Dejan Bojkov as he analyzes two games by one of the somewhat forgotten masters of the past. Grandmaster Isaak Boleslavsky nearly qualified for a world title match in 1950, so he knew how to play and specialized in classic openings like the Ruy Lopez. See how Boleslavsky finds the right squares for his pieces and picks apart Black's weaknesses in these fun and instructive games.

  • Boleslavsky vs Panov

    The Ruy Lopez is arguably the most important opening in super-Grandmaster chess right now, but it’s just as relevant to games played on every level. GM Dejan Bojkov shows you how the slightest of weaknesses in Black’s camp can provide excellent targets for the White army in this fighting opening. Learn the crucial ideas deep in this opening as you review an instructive win by the tireless attacker, GM Boleslavsky.

    • 18 min
    • 5 challenges
  • Boleslavsky vs Kotov

    GM Dejan Bojkov reveals more secrets of the Ruy Lopez with another masterpiece by Boleslavsky. Learn the various options available in the main line Ruy Lopez, the most deeply analyzed of all the king pawn openings. How did Boleslavsky smash open Black’s defenses after a “careless” opening from his opponent? GM Bojkov demonstrates the winning technique you need to know if you play e4!

    • 20 min
    • 5 challenges
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