Mastery: Tactics



Learn from some of the greatest attacking moves you will ever see!

Have you ever been shocked by a move in a game? Have you ever wondered how you can find shocking moves to win a game? Then this is the course for you! In this series, I will present some moments in chess history when one side dropped down a shocking and strong move, and you will have to find their brilliance. Start using shocking moves in your games today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Practice calculating difficult combinations!
  • Flex your chess imagination!
  • Learn how to find and play shocking moves!
  • The Two Towers

    In the penultimate round of a big money tourn, one 2600 GM shocked the other.

    • 3 challenges
  • He played WHAT?

    White is down a pawn... but with a huge lead in development.

    • 1 challenge
  • Overworked pieces

    White has been fighting an uphill battle for most of the game.

    • 1 challenge
  • Dangerous Dragon

    Black no longer has a dark squared bishop, but even then the dragon seems to always have some extra fire to breathe.

    • 2 challenges
  • Tricks are for kids

    Black has been winning for a long time, but it just goes to show, one can never let their guard down...

    • 1 challenge
  • Perpetual?

    GM Karjakin has been defending extremely well, but in the end, a lost position is a lost position.

    • 1 challenge
  • Time control woes

    White has been desperately trying to neutralize Black's initiative for quite some time now, to no avail.

    • 1 challenge
  • Paralysis

    In this position, GM Ponomariov found a very nice move.

    • 3 challenges
  • With tempo

    A somewhat strange position has arisen after just 12 moves, but soon the position was clarified.

    • 2 challenges
  • Creating Problems

    In a very boring looking position that seems it must be inevitably drawn, try to make some problems for your opponent.

    • 4 challenges
  • Double attacks

    Black has a nice bishop pair, but how to make use of it?

    • 2 challenges
  • Smothering

    Black seems to have a great initiative, but how to convert it into something tangible?

    • 1 challenge
  • One last chance

    White has been trying very hard to make counterplay for quite some time, but Black's a-pawn has been too good. However, Black's next to last move before time control was a terrible blunder...

    • 1 challenge
  • Making room

    GM Alexander Shabalov grabbed clear first with this win over GM Ildar Ibragimov in the 2007 US Championship, which he went on to win.

    • 3 challenges
  • Karjakin-Anand, 2006

    GM Karjakin had showed extensive opening preparation to get to this position, where everything looks just peachy for white. However, GM Anand, the World Champion at the time, had other plans for him.

    • 3 challenges
  • Just in Time

    White looks to have one move before catastrophe strikes, does he have a way to make use of it?

    • 2 challenges
  • Hopeless?

    Black seems to be firmly in control of the situation

    • 2 challenges
  • Piece arrangement

    A 2300 player has just played 18. ... Rfe8. Black looks to have a very active position. What should White do?

    • 1 challenge
  • Black Resigned

    In the following encounter, Black resigned at this moment, but why was it premature.

    • 2 challenges
  • Final move

    Just like the previous problem, Black is on the brink of resignation.

    • 1 challenge
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