Super GM Rook Endings

Super GM Rook Endings

Learn to play rook endgames like a Grandmaster!

Do you want to know how top grandmasters play rook endings? Do you want to improve your rook endgame skills, the most common type of endgame? Then this is the course for you! Join renowned endgame expert GM Alex Yermolinsky as he guides you through some rook endgames by the best players of the present day. Learn how even top players make mistakes in tricky endings, but a few principles will make your decisions a lot easier. Start winning your rook and pawn endgames today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Calculate competing passed pawns!
  • Find tricky defenses to save lost-looking positions.
  • Learn from the best players today!

"Great insights in complex positions, amazing how important accuracy is key in these seemingly simple rook endgames. PLEASE make more." - Chess.com member ChessCitizen

"Wow! Highly complex for such a simplistic looking position. The fact that someone in MVL's class could go wrong shows how complicated rook and pawn endgames can be." - Chess.com member Gartholomew

Carlsen's Masterpiece!

We have modern opening theory, and modern time controls, but now GM Yermolinksy brings you modern rook endgames! Using Carlsen vs Vachier-Lagrave from the London Chess Classic as a guide, Yermo demonstrates super GMs' deep understanding of complex rook and pawn play!
20 min
5 Challenges

Giri's Blunders!

Yermo continues to explore modern rook endings at the highest level with Giri vs Caruana from Wijk aan Zee! Watch as the key ideas behind rook endings come together to build positions that are as instructive as they are practical and entertaining!
19 min
5 Challenges

Aronian's Technique

In the 2016 Zurich Chess Challenge, Giri finds a Rook maneuver so strong that Yermo decides to name it! Will Giri find the winning plan or will Aronian find a way to hold?
20 min
5 Challenges

Super GM Rook Endings

3 Lessons
59 Minutes
15 Challenges
Released March 26, 2019
34,710 Students