Combinations of Mikhail Tal Part 2

Combinations of Mikhail Tal Part 2

Practice tactics with Tal!

Want to practice tactics with one of the greatest attackers of all time? Did you finish the first series on the magician from Riga and want more? The 8th World Champion, Mikhail Tal, inspired millions with his attacking genius, now it is your turn! This is the second of three courses with Tal's amazing tactics. Start attacking like Tal today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn from the tactics of Mikhail Tal!
  • Practice calculating killer combinations!
  • Learn to judge sacrifices like a champion!

Air for the King

Tal had an affinity towards the opponent's king. Whenever that piece was not feeling very comfortable, the Magician of Riga would be there to "treat" it.
2 Challenges

Drag that King out!

Things are not always as simple as in the previous sample though, and the experienced master of the attack had to first drag the opponent's king outside their pawn shield, block it in, and only then mate it.
6 Challenges

Get the King at Home!

The king definitely doesn't feel that well in front of his pawns, but if he is behind his pawns, that does not guarantee him an easy life. Especially if there is a shortage of defenders!
6 Challenges

Get the King at Home- Domination!

In the previous sample things seemed to be relatively easy, the Black king had no defenders at all. Now let's check how Tal was dealing with situations with more pieces!
9 Challenges

An Open File There is...

It was back in 1958. The Interzonal tournament in Portoroz was in progress and Tal played Filip. He opened the game and mated his opponent with his heavy pieces.
6 Challenges

The Soldier General

One should never forget that the natural desire of every pawn is to become a queen one day!
6 Challenges

Like a Bolt from the Blue

We are taught that the center is the ideal place for the pieces. It is indeed so in most cases, but as our game is too complex and beautiful some exceptions exist.
4 Challenges

Danger in the Center

Whenever one of the kings remains in the center this spells trouble for the defender. The rooks remain disconnected and useless and the centralized army can attack.
5 Challenges

Falling into a Trap

Tal loved to outwit his opponents. One of his favorite methods was to allow a combination that is seemingly winning for his opponent but wouldn't quite work.
4 Challenges

Combinations of Mikhail Tal Part 2

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Released April 19, 2019
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