The Belgrade Gambit

The Belgrade Gambit

Spice Up the Four Knights with the Belgrade Gambit!

Looking for a way to spice up the open games? Simon Williams, the Ginger GM, takes the quiet Four Knights opening and spices it up with a gambit, featuring a lot of his original analysis. Take the game out of theory and into a whirlwind attack as quickly as possible.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Shock your opponent with a gambit in a symmetrical position!
  • Learn the key lines and attacking ideas!
  • Get attacking positions in both the accepted and declined variations!

"My favorite GM to listen to so far. Simon is easy to understand, simple, and clear and he explains WHY each move is good. He gives advice and a review. GREAT VIDEO!!!" - Chess.com member WATERZZ

"Oh no!!  As a die-hard 1...e5 player, this line was one of the few lines that scared me.  I always brushed it off thinking to myself, "I don't have to worry about it, because no one knows about this move."  Now I'm worried again.  Great video!  Now I have to come up with something for it in case it's played against me." - Chess.com member Gartholomew

The Belgrade Gambit: The Main Lines

Which opening is SO spicy that even Simon Williams just discovered it? The Belgrade Gambit. Join GM Williams as he teaches you this easy yet aggressive way to open the game, “the perfect opening for a lazy person.”
28 min
5 Challenges

The Belgrade Gambit: Side Lines

Simon Williams is back with another lesson on his secret weapon, the "spicy" Belgrade Gambit. Learn what to do if your opponent doesn't stick to the original plan.
19 min
5 Challenges

The Belgrade Gambit

2 Lessons
47 Minutes
10 Challenges
Released July 17, 2019