The Sicilian Nimzowitsch Variation

The Sicilian Nimzowitsch Variation

Ready to shock your opponent on move two?

How does IM Minh Le compete in blitz with the top players in the world? He uses the rare and sharp Nimzowitsch Variation of the Sicilian! In this course Minh Le, along with NM Sam Copeland explains his favorite variation and all of its complications.

  • Learn a sharp and surprising opening!
  • Learn the key tactics that make opening sacrifices work!
  • Learn a variation that Minh Le has used to defeat Anish Giri, Hikaru Nakamura among other top players!

The Sicilian Nimzowitsch: A Brilliant Blitz Weapon

How did International Master Tuan Minh Le score wins against Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri, and other top Grandmasters? He surprised them in the opening with the sharp Sicilian Nimzowitsch Variation! 2...Nf6 will shock your opponents and give you a chance for a spectacular win!
10 min
5 Challenges

The Sicilian Nimzowitsch: When Your Opponent Backs Down

When you surprise your opponent with the Sicilian Nimzowitsch, there's a good chance that he or she will simply defend the e4-pawn with Nc3. IM Tuan Minh Le demonstrates that there's nothing to fear from this modest move and Black has good chances in all lines!
14 min
5 Challenges

The Sicilian Nimzowitsch: The Surprising ...f5!

Before covering the crucial main line, IM Tuan Minh Le takes a look at some sidelines that you're likely to face. White can make the game like an Alapin Sicilian with an early c3, or try an early d4. In either case, Black is ready with sharp and surprising ways to take the initiative.
18 min
5 Challenges

The Sicilian Nimzowitsch: A Sharp Double Gambit!

Time for the main lines! IM Tuan Minh Le finishes off his Sicilian series with a look at White's sharpest tries against the Sicilian Nimzowitsch. Black can sacrifice two pawns for a powerful initiative, that can even last into the endgame!
15 min
5 Challenges

The Sicilian Nimzowitsch Variation

4 Lessons
57 Minutes
20 Challenges
Released August 19, 2020
11,238 Students