Using Time in Chess

Using Time in Chess

Learn to fight for every tempo and win games like never before!

Do you ever wonder how Grandmasters can whip up an attack right out of the opening? Join GM Simon Williams on a tour of spectacular attacking games. He focuses on games where the winner gains an initiative through fast development and forcing moves. Follow along and enjoy the amazing tactical fireworks!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to win time to speed up your attack!
  • Learn from the games of some of the greatest attacking players ever!
  • Practice calculating precise variations!

"I have been for a long looking for a video about tempo/tempi that explains the moves behind it. This one does just exactly that - and I think I can be creating new ideas for my moves now much better because of it." Chess.com member Lasox_91

Increasing the Tempo to Win

When should you rush things on the chessboard? GM Simon Williams teaches you how to punish your opponent's slow play with a fast attack.
26 min
5 Challenges

Creating Threats

How do you use time in a chess game to create a threat? GM Simon Williams continues his lesson on controlling tempo to win.
23 min
5 Challenges

Tempo in Middlegame

How do you use time in chess to defeat the world champion? Find out how even Magnus Carlsen's king can be vulnerable to a quick attack.
16 min
5 Challenges

Attacking the King Now

How do you manage time in the middlegame? GM Williams is not talking about your chess clock, but the speed with which you develop your pieces and execute your plans.
26 min
5 Challenges

Using Time in Chess

4 Lessons
91 Minutes
20 Challenges
Released May 27, 2019
4,145 Students