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Winning with the Chigorin

Winning with the Chigorin


Join GM Ben Finegold as he discusses one of his favorite openings, the active Chigorin Defense. If you're tired of getting passive positions in the Queen's Gambit or Slav, then this is the line for you!

  • Winning With The Chigorin - Part 1

    GM Ben Finegold begins a three-part series on his favorite defense to 1. d4 - the Chigorin. He promises you'll get an exciting position that you'll know better than White. Today he focuses on some uncritical replies from the first player, but they also happen to be the most common moves. Watch and see that even though Ben knows a ton about the opening, he once had a 7-year-old student teach him something new!

    • 17 min
    • 5 challenges
  • Winning with the Chigorin - Part 2

    What happens in the Chigorin, stays in the Chigorin. Except today, when GM Finegold spills the beans on the cxd5 variation. Black attacks the center with pieces, not pawns, and to great effect. Watch a trio of games in which our offbeat-opening expert wrests the initiative away from the first player. If Ivanchuk can play it against Kasparov, then surely it can work at your chess club or on!

    • 20 min
    • 5 challenges
  • Winning with the Chigorin - Part 3

    What happens when the Albin Counter Gambit meets up with GM Finegold's opening repertoire? A Chigorin cousin with queenside knights is born! Finegold thinks that the opening is far better than its reputation, and sets out to prove it by showing three games in less than 15 minutes! If offbeat but playable openings are your thing, this content-rich lesson will set you off on the right foot! Why not choose an opening you'll know more about than your opponent?

    • 14 min
    • 5 challenges
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