World Championship Preparation

World Championship Preparation

How does a contender prepare for a world championship match? GM Romain Edouard, who has worked with Veselin Topalov, shows you opening prep at the highest level.

  • How did Kramnik find a system to tame Kasparov's attacking openings?
  • How did Leko defeat Kramnik's computer preparation?
  • How did Anand lure Kramnik out of his comfort zone?
  • How did Topalov annihilate Anand in the first game of their match?
  • How did Carlsen use a sharp Sicilian to score a key tie-break win against Caruana?

Kasparov vs Kramnik: World Championship Preparation

How did Vladimir Kramnik tame one of the greatest attackers of all time? He brought back the Berlin Defense, an opening that hadn't been popular for generations! GM Romain Edouard shows you how Kramnik did it.
17 min
5 Challenges

Kramnik vs Leko: World Championship Preparation

In 2004 Peter Leko nearly took the world title from Vladimir Kramnik. In game eight he refuted Kramnik's computer preparation with a brilliant attack. GM Romain Edouard brings the details.
10 min
5 Challenges

Kramnik - Anand: World Championship Preparation

Vishy Anand didn't want to allow Vladimir Kramnik to press him in quiet positions. GM Romain Edouard explains Anand's sharp opening strategy to play for a win with the black pieces.
20 min
5 Challenges

Topalov vs Anand: World Championship Preparation

The 2010 world title match started with a bang as Veselin Topalov punished one mistake by Vishy Anand in the opening. GM Romain Edouard has worked with Topalov and has the story.
19 min
5 Challenges

Caruana vs Carlsen: World Championship Preparation

The 2018 world championship match went to tiebreaks and Magnus Carlsen used a sharp Sicilian to gain a two-game lead and effectively end the match. GM Romain Edouard demonstrates the key game.
21 min
5 Challenges