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H̶e̶l̶l̶o̶,̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶n̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶.̶.̶.̶.̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶i̶ ̶a̶m̶ ̶.̶.̶.̶.̶y̶e̶a̶r̶s̶ ̶o̶l̶d̶

Wait? Forget about that! -->

Check out this game against 5-time world champion Vishy Anand! (it was a simul against like 25 other people, but we're not going to mention that)

Played for Canada at the WYCC 🇨🇦


Peak Blitz (chess.com) -- 1924

Peak Rapid (chess.com) -- 2160

Peak Bullet (chess.com) -- [No Comment] ...I don't have a mouse 😅 Check out my 960 games* for more info 


*Note: My chess960 rating is like 1200, because of timeouts or just bad connection sad.png I'm also losing a lot of regular blitz games on time (as you can see from my very red, monochromatic archive), so if you want to challenge me, please add increment ...thanks happy.png


Current Chess Achievements 

None! tongue.png


Certified Blundermaster* ® (FIDE, 2018-Present)

Another game that demonstrates my blundering "skills" (Yes, I'm posting this because im salty)

*The Blundermaster title is a title so difficult to obtain, that it is currently only held by one player. (that is, me) Chess experts predict that in the next 20 years, no one else will be able to fulfill the requirements for the Blundermaster title, thus causing FIDE to rescind their decision to make it an official title.


Puzzles! White currently up in material and has more space, however is lacking in development. Can you see what White (me) played in the game to capitalize on his advantages and develop his horseys and castleheads?

*Drumroll please* 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
I (accidentally) resigned! With merely 20 seconds left, White pulled a "Hou Yifan" and clicked the resigns button as opposed to the draw button tongue.png The full game can be found here. As you can tell, I'm well on my way to becoming a grandmaster!
Puzzle #2! After winning two consecutive blitz games against an NM (2200+) and a 2300+, I felt fairly confident going into this game against a 1900-2000 player. The position after 48 moves is as follows. White is clearly winning, but can you spot White's (my) move in this position?

*Drumroll please* 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
I played Kg6!! With a whopping 5 minutes left on the clock, I played Kg6, instead of the instantly winning e4 tongue.png Link to the game can be found here. For links to the games against the 2200 and 2300, click here and here.
Puzzle #3! After premoving all their moves, White is invariably lost, and the threat of mate after Qxh4 seems imminent. What did White do to not only save the game, but win the game? (Keep in mind, it is Black's move)
*Drumroll please* 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
I offered my opponent to resign!! After correctly assessing the situation, by reasoning that I am up in material (I have a piece for two pawns), I offered my opponent to resign. Being a strongk chessplayer himself, he realized that I, indeed, was winning and he resigned on the spot. Kids, don't try this at home! For a link to the full game with annotations, click here
For more tips and tricks on how to win games, join: https://www.chess.com/club/classic-rar. Hope to see you there -- RAR!!
Note - "Rooks" and "Knights" are actually "castleheads" and "horseys" (respectively) Skip to 6:35 in the video below to see none other than the 13th world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, call them so. Kasparov is arguably one of the the greatest -- if not the greatest -- chess player of all time so, naturally, it would make sense for us to try to be play like him. Our first step towards this ideal should be to call the pieces by their correct names. Thank you happy.png

Anyways, thank you to anyone who made it to the bottom of my (rather long) profile -- over and out! ✌️ ...oR iS tHIs ThE eND?


EDIT -- I used to think people with long profiles were rlly lame, hmmm...

P.S. The word "OK" looks like a sideways stick-figure ...now you can't unsee it tongue.png

P.P.S. My favourite chess variants are Chess960 (because no one cares if you can set up the pieces correctly) and anti-chess (because the goal is to LOSE all your pieces -- something I have plenty of experience in)

P.P.P.S. The entire puzzles section on my profile was basically me being salty grin.png Except presented in a different way because I'm such a humble, nice person. (jk, notice the irony)

P.P.P.P.S. I only accept friend requests from people who I know well online, or people who I know in real life