Mar 28, 2014
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Hi everyone 👻

Some random facts 

1) I am 13

2) I live in India 

3) I missed number 3 

4) You went back to check and realized I did not skip anything 

Okay , that was terrible 💀 

I am Not-So Good At Chess ( Maybe I should make a league with that name 😶 )

I am the captain of Speed Demons in leagues . We have played in NSPPBL SEASON 3 and won 3rd Place ( we finished top of the board in the league stage but a team got an amazing B4 for playoffs 😒 and beat us ) We did not get any trophy for that 😕 ( Spam @Mrigank3307 's notes and help us get a trophy 😉 ) This was the lineup :

( Btw , at that time , the team was called Puzzle Battlers )

Puzzle Battlers A 

B1 - @Cobysters 

B2 - @arceusisthebest 

B3 - @1d3_1-0

B4 - @BonafideGenius 

Thanks all of u 😀 

We had a B team but they did not make it to the playoffs sad.png 

Now we are playing in the NSPBCL SEASON 4 ( at the time of this , week 6 just ended ) . We made it to the playoffs and hope we can win . This is the lineup 

B1 - @Cobysters

B2 - @arceusisthebest 

B3 - @LonelySabishii ( did not play a single week , was first subbed by @angryspacevoid and now by @James-Nguyen )

B4 - Me 

B5 - @Mrigank3307 ( was subbed for a single week by @Vinumon555 )

B6 - @JessH2003 ( Played 1 week , then was subbed by @Golu1309 for a week and from then @MinecraftProGamer-1 )

Thanks all of you 

Now making a team for NSPCL !!!

Since you have come this far , you deserve this - A Free E-Book !!!

Limited time only , after a while I will remove it ...

If you did click on the link and found it informative / useful / exciting , please comment on my notes . 

Thanks 😄