Hello. I'm Benjamin aka 25G, which is what you can call me. If I ever get a diamond membership, I will change my username and go crazy on puzzles. I started playing chess a month or so before I joined chess.com, and in February, I began playing chess online. I've only read one chess book, but in some of my chess.com clubs, I like to research chess-related topics and present them in abbreviated form. No one is my family is into chess except for me. I enjoy playing chess against my friends. Once, I won a chess tournament at a small school chess club (these are the things which bring me joy). I wish I could play at real tournaments, but my parents don't take chess as seriously as I do. I am always looking for ways to improve at the game and one day, I hope to become a titled player, although I understand how talented and lucky you have to be to get a title. I'm scared that my rating will plateau and I will be stuck at a low rating. You can adopt me as much as you want, but beware. I will do all I can to win (which sadly isn't much). Usually, I feel over-rated. I just get too lucky sometimes and only win games because my opponent blundered.

I have other passions, such as music (cello player), art (sketching blueprints and engineering machines), and mathematics/science (quantum mechanics, astronomy, really any subject). I started chess later than most and I hope that won't stop me from reaching that title.

Thanks for giving my profile a view!

Some clubs I am in:

Your Worst Knightmare (owner, super admin) - This is a great club for all chess players looking to improve their game, learn something new about chess, and meet some inspiring chess players // Club size: 300 as of 11.18.21

Chess4Fun (super admin) - This club will help you improve at tactics with comprehensive lessons and great chess puzzles // Club size: 297 as of 2.17.21

1. c4 English (super admin) - Renovations in the club are taking place at the moment. Hopefully, this club will be active by the end of February // Club size: 212 as of 2.17.21

Star Wars Fan Club (admin) - Star Wars is awesome // Club size: 55 as of 2.17.21

The Chess GMs (super admin, co-founder) - A new club I co-founded with @Lightning964. Please join. // Club size: 21 as of 2.17.21

Complex Fun (member) - A club for math nerds. Ever wanted to learn the first 120,000 digits of pi? // Club size: 102 as of 2.17.21

25GSchatz22's Private Club (owner, super admin) - All friends of mine are welcome! This inactive club is just for being in and sometimes winning awards from occasional raffles // Club size: 25 as of 2.17.21

Here is a fantastic, detailed drawing by the famous artist @25GSchatz22 of his dog:

3 Chess.com Conspiracy Theories

Put on your tin foil hats folks because here we go! These theories are just for fun.

Conspiracy #1: Ever wonder why chess.com has members who never play chess and only use this site for chatting? Here's why. Chess.com actually created robots that look just like humans and sent them onto the site via the newest tech. Then, chess.com programmed the robots to talk to other chess.com members, distracting them from chess and keeping people's ratings low. They do this so that people will stay on the site longer and improve over a longer amount of time. How am I sure? Because I interrogated over 1000 chess.com "members" (one of them being @25GSchatz22, a pretty nice guy) who don't know the first thing about chess and guess what I found? That all of them liked legos. So here is my theory. All chess.com "members" who are actually robots are secretly planning to not only stall other players from improving bit also will cover the surface of the Earth with legos, therefore killing everyone's feet and making them focus on treating their feet instead of playing chess.

So why would chess.com stop people from playing chess as much? My next theory explains that:

Conspiracy #2: Chess.com wants people to use their site as long as possible. And the longer people are on their site, the bigger their site becomes and therefore they get more money and more power. Remember the saying time is money? Well chess.com will harness the power of wasted time and create money from it! I predict that on June 2, 2021 as the planet's line up and the moon eclipse the sun, chess.com will reveal their hidden base on the dark side of the moon and take all of the money they collected from wasted time, open up a black hole from the mechanical power they collected from the money, and suck up all of Earth and the Internet (except for @25GSchatz22 and except for their base on the moon), hence achieving world domination without the actually world (it's in the black hole).

So what will chess.com do with "world domination"?

Conspiracy #3: Chess.com will force chess onto other civilizations. With the choice of such a decision solely in their hands, they will use the Moon's hyperdrive fueled by cheese to fly to alien system and become a monopoly across the universe! Chess.com and cheese.com (the company that drives the moon around) will be invincible, for chess has been found to be addictive and therefore brainwashing. Chess.com will brainwash everyone and then leave the universe with an army of aliens and take over the multiverse, become satisfied with their work, and happy that they fooled everyone. The end.