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This is my favorite London tournament game win
Here is my best London game on Chess.com against a bullet specialist. It goes to show how you can beat someone so much higher rated in a solid opening. Even though there is no time in a 1 minute chess game white's stable set-up guaranteed him good chances. Black threw himself on the London pawn bed and paid the price!

https://www.chess.com/live#g=4100933875 Shows that the London can be a KILLER of pre-moves in bullet!!

I used to think that the Old Benoni Prevented the London but the London set up still prevails after dxc5. In my "Ultimate London System"  article I usually recommend 2.c3 but 2.dxc5 also seems to work. I even beat an IM with it! https://www.chess.com/live/game/3422420716

Here comes up an EPIC  London kill where pieces went flying and  I came out on top against a higher rated player. https://www.chess.com/live/game/3430286664

Another tactical melee` in the London against a higher-rated opponent. https://www.chess.com/live#g=4129714016

Team London System! !!  Long live the great Bf4!wink.png

 But 1.b3 is my secret weapon.bullet.png Check out my wins against 2500+ players in bullet with 1.b3

https://www.chess.com/puzzles/battle/pnsxp3RQ Once beat Firouzja2003 in puzzle battle... meh.png