Barely on this website due to my Lichess grind (no hate pls jk lol) (trying 2.3k rapid and blitz)

Also, I'm mostly here to check notifications. Adopted @zachsuxatlife_twitch (aka my friend Zach, used to have the same coach as him now he has a different coach rip he super inactive tho) in Bullet and my brother is @billy-bobjoe123 (dunno that's his username tho. I usually play Rapid, Blitz, and Bullet with him and give him advice after each gamehappy.png.)

Challenge me unr Bullet (1 min or more) or Blitz (3|2 or 5 min) pls in my notes happy.png (PS I probably won't unless you tell me in my notes b/c I might be busy or just checking notifs which is most of the time and I won't accept if it's rated)

Trying to get better at 10 min chess with my brother aka 2300 Rapid in lichess

Chess is one of my hobbies, I also like playing many other sports.

Trying to get better at chess puzzles and endgames ig. Watching Hikaru and Gothamchess for quality chess content (and memes).

I'm good at slow puzzles and sorta bad at 3 min and 5 min puzzle rush :/

Can't wait for OTB chess

BTW I'll always accept your friend request!