Chess came to me at an early age.I remember Fischer`s epic stuggle to the Crown.My Grandfather taught me the moves in 1975.Love Magic The Gathering,D&D,Rifts...want to get into Star Trek Online.Got my 2000th win 7/21/2010... 1-1-2011... got  my 300th tournament win.My New years resolution for 2012 is to play the Scadinavian for every 1.e4 ! So far it has been very interesting! I hope to reach 1500 by June 2013 . The Quest for a 2000 rating continues !There is so much to learn and everyday is a struggle but without struggle there can be no victory ! I want to thank everyone that has been apart of this journy...You all know who you are ! Thank You Chess.com for giving us a platform to preform on and learn from ! One Love ! One Aim ! One Destiny ! Ohh...and May The Force Be With Us Always ! 

 August 23, 2014 , reading My System by Nimzo...went from 1200- 1400 and only have read the first half of it...READ IT !  Really makes a difference.

When you are lonely, when you feel yourself an alien in the world, play Chess. This will raise your spirits and be your counselor in war."

-  Aristotle