She-Koco(x) Evil Dog that loves chess
My female dog (and me of course) live in, United States
Apr 8, 2012
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As much as I like chess, I have spent more time creating then on here. My former profile pictures were 100% made from scratch on a game called Spore.I have created more than a 1000 creations from creatures-buildings-vehicles, . I liked chess since I was 7 but didn't get interested and dedicated until 7th grade. I have a dog named Koco(x), where the x is silent :) . I got the X because it makes it original and it is my favorite letter(my favorite # is 9) I got my username by using those two. Glorax since it has an X, and 913--12 (1*3=3,1+2=3, hence 3*3=9) I thought that was pretty cool! Also my dog is a FEMALE

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