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Andrey Ostrovskiy

Bielefeld, Germany
Mar 19, 2012
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Are you eager to improve your chess? Follow my streams on https://twitch.tv/mostrovski! I am an International Master from Ukraine, currently living in Germany. I have 16  years of the real tournament chess experience and have been a full-time online chess coach for the last three years providing chess lessons for players of different levels and ages.

Service Description Price
Online lessons for beginners, tournament level, and advanced Personal live training, basic rate for 1 hour 30$
Long-term coaching for beginners, tournament level and advanced

Monthly package.

Includes 20 hours of the live personal training, creating the individual program, unlimited e-mail consulting.

Requires having at least 5 hours a week. 

Long-term coaching for experts (FIDE 2000+)

Monthly package.

Includes 30 hours of the live personal training, creating the individual program, unlimited e-mail consulting, consulting during tournaments.

Requires having at least 7 hours a week.

Long-term assisting for the high-rated players (FIDE 2300+)

Monthly package.

Includes all the features of LT Coaching for experts + 10 additional hours + deep opening and tournament preparation, deep improvement program.

Requires having at least 9 hours a week.




Website - http://www.mostrovski.com

Email - mail@mostrovski.com

Facebook - masterostrovski

Twitter - @masterostrovski

Google+ - Andrei Ostrovski

YouTube - Andrei Ostrovski

Skype - brainpuzzled






I use SkypeGoogle Hangouts and Chess.com online classrooms for online training.


My approach

The real value is understanding. To become a strong player or the one, who can truly comprehend the incredible beauty of chess, you have to understand what the hell is going on with all these pieces on the chessboard! Therefore, my goals are to inculcate in you the passion for understanding chess and to help you understand. Step by step. Move by the move.


My chess preferences

I believe that beauty is based on harmony. Chess is not an exception. The problem, which I care about the most, is how to reach the most efficient coordination of the pieces in every position. When it is solved, I feel incredibly pleased. 

No less enjoyable is to watch, how the harmony appears and disappears in games of others. My favorite players are Rubinstein, Capablanca, Tal, Smyslov, Anand, Shirov and Adams. I think they are the incarnation of harmony in chess!


My experience

I was born in 1989. When I turned five, my father, who used to be an experienced player, taught me the basics of chess. The "real chess" began, when I turned 8 - I started working with Pavel Savitskiy, who not only did become my chess coach but also became my guru with a vengeance. Thanks to him, I achieved a lot in chess and what is more importantly - in real life.

In the age of 9, for the first time in my life, I took part in the Ukrainian Championship - among men, not youth. At that tournament, I even managed to defeat the National Master. It was my first master's "scalp."

In the age of 13, I won the second prize in the Ukrainian Youth Championship (under 14) and represented my country in the European Youth Championship in Budva, where I managed to enter the "best 10" in rapid and blitz. That was my last youth competition - after that, I began to play only in the "adult" national and international tournaments.


In 2005, I became the FIDE Master.

In 2006, I won the Donetsk Championship and became the National Master.

In 2007, I did everything needed - norms and rating - to earn the title of the International Master.  

In 2015, I won 12th Vasylyshyn Memorial and got my first norm of the International Grandmaster.


You can see my FIDE profile here.


My strengths:


  • 16 years of real chess experience;
  • 9 years of playing at a high level;
  • Training with well-known experts - GMs Igor Zaitsev, Andrey Zontakh, and Gennadi Kuzmin;
  • Taking part in several training Camps of Mark Dvoretsky's Chess School.
  • 3 years of coaching experience.


I have tutored different students - from a nine years old boy to an executive vice president of the wholesale energy company. What that extreme cases have in common is that nobody stayed on the same level, everyone progressed. 


"... I started taking lessons with Andrei from March 20 of 2014. I have taken 77.5 hours of lesson from Andrei. We work over skype and google hangout. Andrei is very good: his excellent positional understanding, his thorough openings knowledge, and his practical hands-on approach has been very helpful. He works with latest top-notch software, such as ChessBase and engines when needed too. He is very fluent in both Russian and English. He has taken me from 2210 rating to my peak rating of 2274 USCF in this short period. Since starting working with him, I won 5 1st places in local tournaments and tied for 2nd place in a prestigious open. I qualified for Nevada state championship (only two spots qualify from Southern Nevada), so I am proud of this achievement..."


This what my strongest student so far, NM Mike Zaloznyy, wrote about our training in September 2014... And he has become even stronger since then!


Michael Ostapenko - a youngster from Australia - is another fellow who I am proud of. Under my guidance, he started winning local tournaments and sharing prize places in Australian Junior Championships. At the beginning of 2016, he finally became an Australian Junior Champion under 12! Results are here. I believe he has high odds to become a good player.


If you want to become my student or to order some of my offline services, then get in touch with me:


Website - http://www.mostrovski.com

Email - mail@mostrovski.com

Facebook - masterostrovski

Twitter - @masterostrovski

Google+ - Andrei Ostrovski

YouTube - Andrei Ostrovski

Skype - brainpuzzled


PS. Here is one of my games, in which I won Yuri Balashov- well known Soviet GM, who was the second of World Champions Spassky and Karpov. I was 16 years old at the moment:




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