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 Hi! My name is Artem Iljin. I am GM from Russia, ELO 2504. My best results in chess career: European Championship (Dresden-2007) - 1-6 places. The Winner of Russian Cup-2004, Winner the Championship of Russia under 12, 16, 20. European Championship under 16 - 2nd place. Participant of World Cup 2007. Player of "Ladya-Kazan" chess team (2004-2010 years). Won Montenegrin Team Championship 2023 with "Crnogorac" team.

 My experience as a coach is 14 years. If you want to improve your chess knowledges-you are welcome. I am specializing in positional mastery, technique of calculating variation, theory and endgames. I have modern methods and chess material for training.

Currently living in Montenegro and training the best juniors of this country.

Chairman Association professional trainers of Tatarstan republic. 

The Owner of "IQCHESS" Chess School

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Training mode: 

-Chess lessons via skype

-Training games with different time control

-Deep analyzing your games with my comments and conclusions.


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