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Hello my potential students! International grandmaster since 2017, current player. I am also coach, I conduct group classes and work separately with students.

The price of one lesson in English is $ 45.If you take a package of 10 classes, then $10 discount for each = $350

Registration is now open for 2 groups: 1500 - 1800 fide (5-7 people) and 1800 - 2100 (fide) (5-7 people), the cost of a place is 10$ for each group(one session). Details in a message.

In group classes, it is planned to learning typical techniques in the middlegame, learning modern techniques also introduced by engines, improve algorithms for calculating options (a more advanced course), etc.

Either for all questions you are interested in, contact your personal messages or the links indicated in my profile. I teach classes in Russian (preferably) and in English

Международный гроссмейстер с 2017 года, действующий игрок. Также являюсь тренером, веду  групповые занятия и работаю отдельно с учениками.

По всем интересующим вас вопросам обращаться в личные сообщения.

IG : aygehovit92


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