Tim Underhill
Batley nr, Leeds, England
Dec 14, 2008
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Jan 15, 2014
A Leeds United, Batley Bulldogs Rugby League fan( Northern Rail Champions 2010 - our first trophy for 86 years). Big Bruce Springsteen fan. Self taught chess fan, played at school then at dinner time at work. Then a 15 year break! Joined Chessworld, then found this site (which i am still finding my way around). Hate having games that "time out" (unless you tell me). I dont usually play to the end if i am getting hammered, no point in letting the game drag on, when you can start another up. You win some and you lose some dont get beat up about it! Feel free to have me a friendly game. You want to have a chat so be it, if not some be it! Anyway, Marching on together.
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