Derek Zhang
Seattle, United States
Jun 27, 2012
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8 hrs ago
Hello! My Name Is Derek Zhang, and I am the highest rated 8th grade chess player in WA State. I enjoy playing soccer as well (for Eastside FC U16). I currently run the US Regional League here on chess.com, and I am also one of the Champions League Directors. I am an admin for Team USA: Northwest, Real Madrid CF, The Friendly Chess Club, The Green Knights, and Chess Pros. In my free time I am a soccer fan who enjoys teasing my best friend about Arsenal's consistent yet disappointing 2nd place finishes. I'm willing to start a game at any time, as long as the time control is 3 days a move or longer. Note: I spend maybe 10 seconds max on every move, which is why my Online Chess rating is so low in comparison to my USCF rating.
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