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Hello everybody!
I’m GM Daniele Vocaturo. It’s now 10 years since I decided to use my activity as a professional to help other players improve their skills.
I take my job with full professionalism and enthusiasm, and I love coaching motivated players of all levels.
In my past experiences I was quite upset when my coaches seemed to have no clue about what to do and didn’t take our training seriously enough. That’s why I care a lot about preparing in detail the lessons for my students, according to their goals and their specific strong/weak points.
I’m available for lessons in Italian, Spanish, and English.

Also, you can challenge me to long games on chess.com and choose what you want to train on. At the end of the game, I will provide you thorough analysis with suggestions and comments. We can agree on the fee before the games depending on your needs.

Feel free to contact me for any information!