Scott Jones
Low Country, South Carolina, United States
Jul 22, 2013
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Jul 7, 2015

I learned to play chess from an old gentleman who had been a professional player, touring the world during the 1920's and 30's, performing exhibition chess matches. As a member of the New York Chess Club, he played and beat many of the best players of the world, including young Bobby Fisher , Alekhine(a personal friend), and Capablanca. In 1930 he performed in Brussels before an audience, playing 13 games simultaneously while blindfolded, relying on his photographic memory only. He won all 13 games, and as part of his winnings, received a Staunton set that I use today. His name was Herschel Hyman Elfland, and he was an amazing man, the son of a Russian-Jewish couple, both intellectuals, escaping the Leninist revolution in Russia before WW1. But I'm not him, so don't expect too much. But I do attribute all I am to him in many ways, and do honor to him with each win.

May the Good Lord bless us all

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