Edmond Dantes
Monte Cristo, South Africa
Jan 25, 2010
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At the age of nineteen I was wrongfully imprisoned in the Chateau D'If. My mind was filled with a single thought: that of my happiness destroyed for no apparent reason. I escaped fourteen years later. When I returned to society I found the buried treasure of Spada. It was at this point that I changed my name to the Count of Monte Cristo. It was time for me to go back among men and take up the rank, influence, and power which great wealth gives in the world. I bid farewell to kindness, humanity and gratitude. I have substituted myself for providence in rewarding the good; may the God of vengeance now yield me His place to punish the wicked. So it was then that I pursued revenge against the enemies who had me imprisoned. I maintain my pride in the face of men, but I abandon it before God, who drew me out of nothingness to make me what I am.
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