Sean Eazyton
Alberta, Canada
Nov 7, 2010
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I am basickly the smrtest person in Canada and I like sheep. Ask me how I find them when they are lost in the fields of Canada. I am a professional bottle picker as listed in my occupation. I am almost retired though as Canadians can drink anyone non-Canadian under the table. This comes from years of practice. As a result, the great plains are littered with empties worth millions. I have harvested these gems while spending time looking for lost sheep and a developed a sizable nest egg. I could pay off the US debt, but more likely I will give breast implants to all the woolly buggers in my flock. Aside from these dubious activities, I also have a small lucrative business in igloo restoration, own a donkey/sheep crossbreed petting farm, and occasionally fill the down time playing chess. Yup, just taking it day by day, you know, trying to make ends meet.

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