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NJ, United States
Nov 11, 2008
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Monk's newsletter! Breaking(no idea what is being broken) News! In a startling revelation today your monk has agreed to make a movie on his life! yes! its true, he has finally decided to go global with his teachings! the movie is all set to be launched next year and will star our very own superstar Mr. Monk! it will be financed by the world famous tequila connoisseur Mr. Monk! and it will be directed by the renowned director Mr.Monk! this movie will be under the banner Monk's Arts with special guest appearances by not so well known a star Amitabh Bachan! In an exclusive with the Monk's news letter journalist Mr. Monk..the superstar of the century Mr Monk expressly stated that he was very glad that his teachings would spread globally and international exposure would raise the hopes of millions of nirvana seekers world wide! in his own words.." HIC!....what was the question again!" The title of the movie is yet to be decided but MR. MONK Becons You is touted to be the title of this film whos budget is supposed to blow yours minds away(literally cause the producer does plan to do a stick up!) Auditions are on for the female lead in the movie and if inside sources are to be believed it is rigged in favour of a pretty actress and her 2 best buddies who will all star along with the Monk, but hopefuls are requested to contact Mr. Monk after working hours for more details! Until further news this is your very own Journalist Mr.Monk only on your favorite channel Patented: trespassers will be shot ! survivors will be shot at again and again ! Am a member of the USCF...Avid chess fan with three tournament wins under my belt in real life!

I am a suicidal type of chess player. Kamikaze is apparently the only way i know to play..So unless its a good combo which can outwit me( happens a lot of times) beware of mindless exchanges..

Just love this guy's hairdo- takes him a ton of gel and a few hours to get it right!

P.s. for those who did not know I am a black belt in Karate with 2 broken bones to my debit!

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