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Great Victory !!

Day: 15.07.2016

Location: Turkey

Event: Terrorist uprising in the military ranks. Briefly coup attempt..


Starting! As in the same Egypt..


Resistance Getting started;
and guns firing;
F 16 s and helicopters have been bombing;
They wanted to be just child! but they; the bombed in children's park!!
Turkey bombed the Parliament;
sniper shooting by terrorist soldiers against civilians;
civilians were death throes for freedom and democracy;
When dawn Turkey Parliament;
and elite police team headquarters;

The heroes of this heroic epic;

He killed a major military coup general. life at the expense of.. He is a hero, He was a very brave officer. We gratefully remember Him..


Our fearless civilians heroes. They resisted with bare hands. Armored vehicles, bullets, in the F-16s, helicopters... We wish you all the blessings of God.


Our civilian veterans, brave people ..




and many other heroes ...

the cause of terrorist;


his tactics:

He is schools opens. Trains terrorists in these schools.

Turns associations. foundations opens. political, academic, reach social structures. It strengthened in this way.

companies opens. has wealth worth about $ !!

thus; terrorist Fethullah Gülen is grows stronger in many countries. 

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