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Hello! My name is Lázaro Bruzon, Grand Master with a wide experience and trajectory at the highest level. I am currently a member
of the 5-time national champion, Webster's University Chess team
.I was world Junior champion (sub 20) in the 2000, 6 times national champion of Cuba and 2 times continental champion.
Participate in 9 Olympics and 9 World Cups. I was at different times in my career over the 2700 of elo, something achieved by only a very select group I am willing to help you in the process of improving your chess!

during my readings I tend to focus on the main technical aspects of the game such as positional comprehension, tactical vision, the game in the matches and the finals. I also focus on the analysis of their own games looking to strengthen the most necessary aspects in their game and I adapt to the specific needs to guarantee progress in the shortest possible time. My study plans are progressive and will be
structured around its improvement. In addition to the lesson plans listed.
Next, I am also available for training games in various time controls.
Rates may vary. If you are interested in lessons, you have a question, or
I simply would like more information, can be contacted at You can also send me a message here on as well.

Thank you very much and I remain at your disposal!