Frenchie Powell
East Berlin, Pennsylvania, United States
Jun 25, 2009
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Aug 25, 2015
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Hmm... About me heh?  Let's see, I started chess when I was about 5-6 years old when my brother would play me.  But I only really started playing 7 years ago on the school chess team.

  Chess is one of my hobbies, but in all I am a Christian, teacher, poet, illusionist, honorary frenchman, botanist, avid debater, and solar pyrographer (I use a lense to carve wood burning designs using the power of the sun).
     Besides that...  I don't know all of your reasoning behind reading my profile... Perhaps you are a spy?  Or a stalker? Or someone who wonders who in the world I am.  But nevertheless, I now consider you an honorary friend of mine. So congratulations!
  Things I love?  God, France, thinking, space, and sunlight (why not?).    

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