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Ritvars Reimanis

Edinburgh, Scotland
Feb 28, 2012
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14 hrs ago
Supporting member since Feb 11, 2014

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Hello there,

Thank you for visiting my profile. happy.png My name is Ritvars, in terms of chess up until now I have been the average Joe with FIDE rating just below 2200 for the past almost 10 years now (!). However, things are about to change! (or so I hope grin.png see details in my blog).

Other than chess, I am a full time graduate student at one of the finest Business Schools in Europe - Copenhagen Business School and I work in hotel business for the time being. My interests are - travelling, food, healthy lifestyle, meditation & mindfulness.

While I am not a chess pro or not even close to it, I love the game and everything around it, so please let me know if you have any ideas of how I could provide value for you in terms of chess content, helping you improve your game etc. happy.png That or you know of any cool tournaments, teams looking for players, or just know of a cool place I should totally visit - please write me a message! 


P.s. I speak English, Danish, Russian and Latvian, so feel free to approach me in any of these languages happy.png 


See you at the chess tables! 



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