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James Coleman
London, England
Mar 14, 2009
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Hi! I'm James Coleman from London, England, 39 years old, and have been playing competitive chess since I was 7. I've competed in many international tournaments around the world and experienced all the highs and lows that go with it. 


For the last 15 years I've been a chess professional - primarily as a coach but I've also worked at some of the major tournaments, such as the London Chess Classic, and the 2000 and 2004 world Championship matches. Finally, I have a regular column in England's most popular chess magazine where I write various strategic articles.


As a coach I've worked with people from all ages and backgrounds, online as well as face to face, and I believe the key to improvement is enjoying the game and setting realistic goals. I'm completely self-taught in chess so I know what sort of study methods don't work well, and can help you avoid these pitfalls. So, whether you're simply in a bit of a rut or you want to make serious progress I'm available to help you reach your goals. Feel free to get in touch. Both online, as well as in-person coaching is available. I usually try to respond to messages very quickly, and will usually get back to you within a couple of hours. 


Online lessons are $40/hr. Other services are also available eg. training games with a summary/conclusion afterwards, or any other type of training you wish to do. 


In the meantime, good luck with your chess :-)




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