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Steven Breckenridge
OR, United States
Dec 22, 2011
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2 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jan 14, 2012

Hello chess fans! My name is Steven Breckenridge. I'm a FIDE master and recent college graduate from Texas Tech University. I speak three languages: English, Spanish, and Filipino-Tagalog. I am very dedicated to my students learning and will give all the knowledge that was passed down to me from GM Onischuk who was a close contemporary of Karpov and Dvoretsky and an elite top 100 player for over a decade. I worked closely with Onischuk for four years at TTU, and have accumulated many principles and understanding of the game that I hadn't previously.

My lessons are unique in that I don't teach you how to just play better, I teach you how to WIN games, since that is the ultimate goal. Onischuk taught me one very important thing which helped him become a top level GM and be able to hold off the top GMs in the world, including World Champion, Magnus Carlsen. This secret is playing for 2 results instead of 3. The element of risk in chess is always the determining factor on winning games in addition to knowledge of principles and tactics. Higher rated players will play different than they play lower rated players as opposed to higher rated, in that they are willing to risk the position more in order to play for more than equality.


I will teach you in our lessons how to create complications and tactics, while improving your tactic skills while constantly giving puzzles and homework that you can do at your own pace. Enjoy the tactics, and enjoy winning games! I will help you. 



Oregon Champion 2011-2012

Junior High National Champion 2007

Best victory: GM Loek Van Wely at 2014 World Blitz and Rapid

Favorite opening: Alapin c3 Sicilian

Send me an email for lesson inquiries: [email protected].

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