M. Steen
Sciota, Pennsylvania, United States
Nov 21, 2011
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I learned to play about 45 years ago and developed an instant fascination with the game, without, however, developing any talent.

My first book was a book of openings edited by Fred Reinfeld, and it was so confusing that I think it did me more harm than good. Since then I've added immensely to my book collection. If I'd read some of them, I'm sure my game would improve.

I'm thrilled to have found! I've been on here every day since getting my premium membership, and my current addiction is Tactics Trainer. I say addiction because I hate myself for being duped by simple hanging pieces when I'm looking for a 3 move mate, yet I keep coming back for more humiliation.

I'm thrilled to be able to play people from all over the world, and I look forward to many exciting games on the site.

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