Alacla Nivla
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Sep 28, 2012
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Sep 14, 2016
0: 3rd Place, 7th Centaur Weekend Tour 2015 (Infinity Chess) 1: Champion, 1st Ultimate Chess Championship 2015 (ICC) 2: Champion, 1st Centaur Weekend Tour 2015 (Infinity Chess) 3: Champion, 10th Engine Master Tour 2015 (Infinity Chess) 4: Co-champion, 6th Engine Master Tour 2015 (Infinity Chess) 5: 2nd Winner, Infinity Chess Team Cup 2015 (Infinity Chess) 6: 1st Runner-up, Infinity Chess Freestyle Battle 2014 (Infinity Chess) 7: Champion, 5th Freestyle Chess Cup 2013 (FICGS) 8: Champion, 4th Freestyle Chess Cup 2011 (FICGS) 9: Champion, Kosmodrom's Freestyle Swiss 2010 ( 10. Winner of various fide rated OTB events. Currently, elo rating is 2281! 11. One of the top if not the best freestyle chess player in the world. 12. Bookmaker and Database collector. 13. Owner of top of the line server grades computers. 14. Cluster computers can be offered for long time rental to do opening research round the clock 24/7.
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