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Sep 19, 2008
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The SilverFish Publishing Company USA, Hasenpfeffer Collectibles and Argentum 6 wearable gear:, and Specializing in short-fiction, poems, creative videos AND manufacturing the best in 3D printed toys and Pewter Cast / Vinyl Cast Collectibles. Take a look at my photo albums for some of my artwork, including: Custom Collage Art, T-shirts, button-pins and Pewter casted figurines. All items are available on Ebay, Etsy and at the forementioned website. Mention your username at checkout, or send an email and get a 1 FREE custom art collage button pin ! Thank you for your interest. [5 things about me, 1 of which is a lie: I'm male, Latin-American, 49 years of age ... ... I can type over 55 wpm and ... ... I never tell a lie.]

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