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Hi everyone! I am an International Grandmaster from Ukraine. I am the current World Junior and Ukrainian Champion. Over the years, I have been working hard to master this ancient game. I have also learned how to apply the concepts from the game to real life problems which helps me on a daily basis. I think it's time to share the experience and knowledge that I have gained along the way!


Before the first lesson, I will identify your level of chess and come up with a long term training plan. I will assign you homework weekly. You will be able to send me any questions or games any time and I will give you the feedback. During the lessons, we will be doing many different things, it will mostly depend on your level. For every level there is an appropriate way of teaching. I have an individual training approach to every student that will help you to find the issues in your play and fix them.

Tournament Results:

2019 Pan-American Intercollegiate Championship 1st

2019 Ukrainian Championship 1st

2019 World Junior Championship 1st

2019 Saint-Louis Fall Classic tied for 2nd

2019 85th Annual Southwest Open 1st

2019 PNWCC FIDE Open- Summer of Seattle 1st

2019 National Open tied for 2nd

2019 28th Annual Chicago Open tied for 2nd

2019 Saint-Louis Norm Congress-GM 1st

2018 Carlos Torre Repetto Memorial tied for 1st

2018 Saint-Louis Norm Congress-GM 1st

2018 Minnesota GM Norm Tournament 1st

2010 European Championship under 12 tied for 1st

2009 European Championship under 10 tied for 1st

2007 European Championship under 8 2nd

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If you are interested in training do not hesitate to contact me!

The best way to reach out to me is to message me directly on