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Super_Admin_Dimaka(Dmitri/Dima Alexei Deviatov)

Birthday: Aug 25, 1997 at 5:50pm

Place of where I was born: State College, Pennsylvannia 

Place of where I live now: Bethesda, Maryland

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About all Teams (Not all) use Members as Slaves

which was a debate for over 2 years. player member since Oct 12,2008.

Became as a Gold member since Nov 30, 2008.

Endless Chess Quiz (top #1-20) and over 600k points (2008-2013) which I have now 65,535 attempts (finished 10/27/13).

Endless Chess Quiz Group (Super Admin) and Creater of Questions (writer/guider) for Endless Chess Quiz.

Endless Chess Quiz Bot Checker (2013-future) (Check for people based on how many points they gain per day and if they gain more than average person gains, they are considered botting the Quiz) which made 2 people to quit the Quiz.

Endless Chess Quiz Bot Checker Comitee (Super Admin) group that prosecutes bots and or procesute those who help bots with sufficent evidence. If your in the group, you promise not to help the bot and or bot. Else with sufficent evidence you will be kicked out and prosecuted.

Website Developer (Create Websites to put content and any information that is needed to be on the website).

Highest online chess rating:2428 Tactics Trainer rating: 2488 


Bots of Endless Chess Quiz: Wargamer17, Crocofief and Ratpyanj



































































































































































































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