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Petar Genkov Genov
Sofia, Bulgaria
Feb 26, 2013
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HI friends join my group 

My Interview : 


Hi Chess friends,

                   I offer coaching online for the people who need to improve chess 

Send me an mail to




I am International Grand Master (IGM)


                            I am a  Fide Certified Trainer with more than 26 years of experience in Teaching chess....

My highest elo is 2526 .


    My name is Petar Genkov  Genov - Grandmaster in chess since 2002 Year.

                           I started to play chess when I was 7 Years old. My father was also my first teacher...Near every evening we played games,analyzed different positions and endgames.Very fast I became in love with chess and start alone to read books of Capablanca , 2 parts from A.Kotov for "A.Alekhine chess heritage" , later "My System" from A.Nimzovitch . Parallely He work with different books of endgames (rook endgames mainly ).Of course He trying to solve a few combinations every day...When he was 9 Years old He going to chess club in Plovdiv ( he born there ).Step by step ( 2 times by week - lessons in chess club but mainly for endgames only...) He became the best player in Plovdiv ( 350 000 people ) for my ages and He played his first chess tournament when He was 11 Years old - it was team tournament - he make 1 point from 3 games happy.png .Maybe because He start with team tournament-untill now He prefer to play this type of chess tournaments.When He was 14 Years old He won for 1 time Bulgarian Individual championship for boys under 14 . Of course he needed to play World champ. for boys but it was in Israel and socialistic countries make bojkot and didn't play...15-18 Years His father  was very busy (in matematik gimnazium Plovdiv ) and didn't play soo much tournaments ( practicaly stop to play chess for little time ).19 - 24 Years old He became the most progressive player in Bulgaria...1991 He cover and became IM ( Iternational Master of chess ),1993 I became Bulgarian men champion !1992-1996 Years he study and finish National Sport Academy "Vasil Levski" Sofia like chess trainer.1996-1999 he was trainer Tihomir Dovramadjiev - first European chess-box champion! 1999 Year He became for second time Bulgarian champion for mens and cover his first GM-norm.The same Year he won round-robin tournament in Subotica (Serbia ) and cover 2 GM norm ( here he beated GM Dragoljub Velimirovic with black peaces in Velimirovic attack variation! ). 2001 Year He won the best chess open for 2001 Year and best in my career Lausanne ( Swiss ) and cover his 3rd GM norm - behind   32 GM's...In this tournament he was coaching of Ivan Cheparinov ( now very strong GM with up 2700 ELO ).He played many chess opens in differents countries and win more then 20 International chess opens ! He put them in CV.1991-1994 Year He was main coach of women team in Plovdiv.Since this time He work parallely like chess trainer.2005 Year FIDE give me title FIDE trainer!He  have been anchampion in Montenegro,3 children champions in Greece,Champion in his ages group ( more 5 times ! ) in North Cyprus.Also His  daughter is Bulgarian champion u 8 Years for irls for 2012 Year.Last Years mainly He work like chess trainer on Internet and for differents clubs in Cyprus





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