Diamond Member Coach

International Master from Croatia, born in 1984. I have been an active chess player for more than 25 years. My peak rating was 2520 (have 2 GM norms). I have over 10 years of training experience working in the range from chess beginners to masters by means of individual lessons (live and online).

For the last 20 months I am the trainer of the first team of the chess club "Sveta Nedelja" (Croatia). In that period the young players I trained had following results:

-3rd place on Croatian Cup finals

-chess club "Sveta Nedelja" entered from 2nd Croatian league into 1b, and the year later they entered into the highest Croatian chess league

Some of my students:

FM Daniel Vojak - 1st place on Rabac open in 2022.

FM Lovro Novosel - National Champion (U-16) and European amateur champion in 2022.

Hristos Marinakis - Greek Champion under 20 in 2021.

For inquiries and scheduling lessons email me at

Price is 27€/h.