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if you want someone to talk to or going through something you can talk to me also feel free to leave me a note

what can people call me

pekin (everyone)

duck (everyone)

quaker (everyone)

parrot (everyone)

quaker parrot (everyone)

pekinduck (everyone)

my actual name (those who know my name)

only people who could read bad Hebrew could know my name

the only quote I made " 🐈+🐟 = catfish"

quotes I made with some other quotes with it " Life is short it is a vapor it is there for a little bit then vanishes do as much good as you can to others "

" Forgive knowing that you will also be forgiven always "

" don't worry about tomorrow for today has trouble of its own "

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young readers

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keas diner

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youtube channel about Christianity DTBM

I own a lot of animals including a quaker parrot, a budgie, a leopard gecko, chickens, ducks, goats, dogs, cats(I don't like cats), pigeons, and guinea fowls

won't tell you my name or age but I will give you hint I'm older than 10 and younger than 20 and my name means shelter and one who brings news

some songs I like (not in order)

gender- boy

Religion- Christian also if you think the Bible is like Greek mythology, the truth is it ain't, would thousands of people die just for something fake would people be fine being roman candles for Nero for something fake would people have suffered Crucifixion and upside down Crucifixion for something that was wrong? No the Bible is 100% true (note I am not perfect "for as it is written There is none Righteous, no, not one) also I don't celebrate lent cause lent, easter, and christmas have stuff tied to romanism, christmas is a festival to the roman god saturn and on December 25th they celebrate the birth of Mithra. lent is the " mother weeping for her son" one example tammuz died, semiramis weeps for her son tammuz for 40 days and on the 40th day he came back and that is the origin of lent that is paganism, and easter is linked to the the god eostre the goddess of fertility which in fact that is why it name is easter also that is why there is the easter bunny and easter eggs which is why I don't do the stuff others do for those holidays also I don't even call easter that just search it up if you don't believe me make sure you add pagan origin of ( which ever one) also Christ died on the day of Passover

favorite food- fresh fish not store bought

my favorite pet- my quaker parrot

my age- only my top 10 friend could know

my name- some people know but only my top 10 friends also I will tell (if you are one of them reading my bio you could ask and I will answer

favorite music artist- alan walker jk I don't even know who they are it is Phil Wickham 

favorite color- green cause my quaker parrot is green

friends list (also if you ain't on it just tell me and I will add you

1st Ellie ( @bestbubble7) --> she is very nice, owns a very good club, and is one of the first friends I friended that was a not a titled player. Please friend her you won't regret it she is the best friend you could ever have, also the only person I trust

2nd @GMchessminator --> he is the first person I ever talked to on chess.com and one of the first non titled player I friended, very nice person and my most mature friend I have every friended

3rd @scemer --> the first non titled player I friended, he is so nice cause he will mute you if you ask and be annoying if you start complaining that you ain't muted jk he is actually very nice though and is also one of the most mature friend I have also join his club

4th @Lilyana --> she is one of my favorite person on chess.com, I talk to her the most, fun to be annoying to, very nice person you should absolutely friend her

5th @Asakumo_Sonomi --> I like talking to her, and she is nice, I like her blogs also

6th @LogoCzar --> my absolute favorite titled player, he will respond to your messages (which I noticed most won't) and makes the best blog friend him I recommend it

7th @NotChloey --> quickest person to gain my trust she is nice, I don't talk to her that much though I copied her pfp once it was fun. WHY DID SHE HAVE TO GET BANNED 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

a few people to mention are @probol-b , @Drummer_GD_Elijah , and @1000_chess123

deadliest animal I own - guinea fowls my two guinea fowls killed a hawk because it tried to get there 2 babies, crows watched the hawk get his neck and leg broken

in memory of my green budgie he sadly died January 25 2024  that house in the corner was were he was when he started dying