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Secret Master of the Masters
Eternity, International
Jun 20, 2017
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Hello and Welcome to my profile, I am Secret Master of the Masters from Eternity. Chess is my favorite indoor game. I have been playing Chess regularly since November, 2016.

I am an intermediate player. I play with different time controls. However, I like to play Slow Chess very much because it examines the actual knowledge I have on Chess. Time does not become a factor of winning or losing a game in Slow Chess unlike Speed Chess. Moreover, playing 1 Slow Chess properly is better than playing 10 bullets without deep thinking. One has a scope to learn lots of new things in Slow Chess.

I am a self-learner. I learn through watching video lessons, practicing tactics, analyzing games, solving puzzles, and reading books etc. Analyzing games and finding my mistakes is the key of my improvement in Chess over the period. Unless you know your mistakes, you are not gonna sort out. I analyze my games as well as Masters’ games wherever I feel that I am going to learn something new from the game.

I generally learn tricks, traps, opening principles, middle games, endgames, checkmating sequences and tactics etc. from watching video lessons and reading books. After that, I try to implement in my own games and try to find something new to learn every second I put on Chess. I believe that Chess requires Deep Thinking and Innovation. A player should be ready to follow the principles, right from the beginning of the first move. Each and every move should have some logic and ethics in it. There are numbers of gambits. A player has to learn all the gambits and its theory to find the Chess interesting and make getting a self-satisfaction in playing the games. A player should not stick with some common structure of playing the game. It does not create new knowledge.

I am an aggressive and attacking player, although play positional Chess sometimes. I love playing 1. e4 as White and 1. e5 as Black the most. It allows me to open attacks with my Queen and Bishop. My favorite opening is Scotch Gambit.

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