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Abhishek Handigol
Fremont, California, United States
Feb 25, 2011
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3 hrs ago

Chess has become one of main hobbies. I attend chess tournaments frequently and take pleasure in the game.




I am working hard to improve my chess and one day become a GM.




I learned to play chess from my sister, who told me that the queen always wants her dress to be matched.




(Where the queen goes when the board is set up)




So it went from there, I started attending classes, (in the bay area).




I started attending this club a little later, and around that time I started rated chess in Feb. 2008, and I spent my weekends playing in tournaments and earning trophies.




So by then I had become a co-champion in the under 500 section (I was in 7th grade then, lost first because of a cheap tiebreaker even though I won all my games).




My rating soared and soared, and soon I was thinking along the lines of a coach (I was 1100 then).




So I got this coach who completely changed how I played, and soon I found myself soaring and soaring because of my tactics. I faced a little of trouble getting from 1500 to 1700, but by then I had noticed the weakness in play. With careful practics and reducing the frequency of tournaments (once a month), my rating soared from 1683 in April this year to 1955 as of September.




I have NO clue about this modern theory, or something called the Sicilian (weird and complex psychology), which is usually only something reserved for strong players who crave complex positions. 




I like open, tactical positions. My favorite player is Morphy, who produced brilliant games including the opera game. 




I know my ratings here on chess.com stink, but I play WAY better OTB than online, maybe I'm more distracted or something.




In OTB chess I prefer long time controls, G/120 or above is suitable for me, otherwise I make horrific blunders under time pressure. 




I don't know what will happen if I even cross 2000, it will be legendary.




I don't really go to tournaments that often (skipping October with birthday interference) nowadays because these annoying teachers give tons of homework. 




I might change my "about me" soon, maybe post some cool games, but I've done most of that in my forum topics (you can check my Activity).




Ask me on my profile if you want me to include anything else, but I think it's pretty long by now!




A tactic I made out of one of my online chess games:








Problem rating 2543: could it get any higher?'




2014 has been great so far. This was my first game of 2014, and the first time that I beat someone over 2200! (A master). It happened in January at the Golden State Open. This game was REALLY significant, because it gave me so much confidence to face these players continuously. Let me tell you, these players are REALLY hard- they'll take advantage of any small opportunity. But I beat them tactically (sometimes Tongue Out). And it was a really good game too- it features a queen sacrifice, and an underpromotion.







It was really hard since I lost a lot of those games (but I got really good players), so I only gained around 12 points.




Even now I'm basically at the same level. 




My best win so far (ratingwise):







Thanks for reading!

































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