Jun 15, 2020
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Hello, thank you for viewing my profile! My old username was @Timothy8738 (yes thats me.) My lichess username is @increment0. Check out my chess games and stats! I am also a super admin of three clubs and admin of one club. I recently created a very cool fun club called The Blazing Bishops. We plan to get way more members and eventually into the thousands. Would you be willing to join here?

Here is our amazing logo:

I would be very honored if you could join! I will welcome you to this growing club!

We will eventually have vote chess, team matches, great news, hopefully hundreds of players, weekly opening analysis, promoting opportunities, and much much more! We also have a great logo!

So PM me and I will give you the link!

Also another Great club is Coolest Chess. It is my favorite club that I do not own.

Also, I play a lot on the IOS app so if you want to reach me, I prefer PM more than chat. Goodbye and have a great day.